Locum insurance help when you need it

We have over 15 year’s experience in locum insurance and are on hand to offer support if you need it.




How we can help you

  • We are locum insurance brokers
  • We specialise in one product, and we do it well
  • We have never had a valid claim rejected

What we can help with

We can help you with:

  • Making a claim
  • Getting a quote
  • Making an application
  • Making a payment

Getting a quote

Getting a quote is easy. Simply fill in our online locum insurance quote form.

Here’s how you can get a quote:

  • Fill in the online form
  • The form will come to us to review
  • We will check it quickly and send it to our insurance underwriters
  • You will usually get your quote within 24 hours

Treating customers fairly

We believe in treating customers fairly.

If there is something you want help with or have any other questions, call us free on 0345 8500 205.

How we treat our customers fairly:

  • We treat customers like individuals and take time to understand your needs,
  • We specialise in one product and only give you the information you need,
  • We provide policies that give you peace of mind and financial cover should you need a locum,
  • We have made our locum insurance online quote form easy to use,
  • We are available on the end of the phone for free. Just call 0345 8500 205,
  • We will contact you 7 days after we’ve sent you the quote. If we then don’t hear from you for another 7 days, we will email you to let you know we’re closing the file,
  • The final decision on a quote is down to you.

Making a claim

If you need to make a claim, contact your insurance provider as soon as possible. This will help speed up the claim process.

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If you need help making a claim

You may prefer to have someone help you with the claim process. With over 20 year’s experience, our LocumPlan specialists are happy to help.

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Making an application

If the quote gives you everything you want, then the next step is to make an application.

You will be sent a proposal form with your quote.

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Making a payment

Once the application has been approved and you are happy with the terms of the policy, you can make payment to start the cover.

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How do I make a claim?

All claim details are on your policy document. It will outline what you need to do, as well as what information you need to provide.

Alternatively, our locum insurance specialists at LocumPlan can help.

You can either:

Will I get advice?

LocumPlan locum insurance is offered on a non-advised basis.

This means that we do not give advice. We simply provide you with all the information you need.

You then determine if whether this cover is right for you.