Locum insurance cover for you and your practice when you need it

At some point you or your practice might well need the support of a locum. We are here to make sure you are covered financially for that need and eventuality.

We are locum insurance brokers. We specialise in one product, and we do it well.

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100% Success Rate

Our insurers and underwriters have never rejected a valid claim from us.

LocumPlan’s insurance provides accident and illness cover for:

  • GPs, general practitioners and doctors
  • Salaried doctors,
  • Partners,
  • Practice managers,
  • Dentists,
  • Vets,
  • Opticians,
  • Ophthalmologists,
  • Physiotherapists,
  • Pharmacists,
  • Solicitors,
  • Occupational health units,
  • Nurse practitioners.

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Financial Conduct Authority regulated and authorised and with over 20 year’s knowledge and experience, our plan gives you:

  • accident cover
  • sickness cover
  • maternity leave lump sum payments
  • paternity leave lump sum payments
  • compliance with the practice agreement or bank funding
Competitive rates

Competitive rates

Our insurance rates are among the most competitive available and tailored specifically to your needs.

Tailored insurance

Tailored insurance

Locum insurance for General Practitioners, Ophthalmologists, Opticians, Vets, Nurse Practitioners, and Practice Managers.

Expert advice

Expert advice

Med-Ex has provided locum insurance through Lloyd’s of London since 1999, setting up a specialist division, LocumPlan, in 2004.

Treating customers fairly

Treating customers fairly

We believe in treating all our customers fairly, and demonstrate this in both our locum insurance cover and in the way we communicate with you.

Practices & Businesses

We know that the costs of employing a locum can create a liability for your practice or business.

We know that many practices and businesses try to cover staff absences in house. But we also know that this puts pressure on the other members of the team.

Our locum insurance gives you peace of mind knowing that you can cover a member of the team financially.


We provide locum insurance for individuals to give them reassurance that their workload is covered if they are off work due to an accident or injury.

It also provides reassurance knowing they do not have to cover a locum’s fee from their own income.

A locum can cost in excess of £3,500 a week. Our insurance will cover up to £3,000 a week towards that cost.


Locum insurance benefits for you and your business

Our specialist locum cover insurance will protect you from:

  • financial burden,
  • damage to your business or practice if you are not able to support your patients or customers.

There are 2 options to find out more about locum cover

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What is locum insurance?

Locum insurance covers the cost of employing a locum should you need one.

It provides financial cover if you, or a member of your team, are unable to work. This could be due to an accident of illness.

Who or what is a locum?

A locum is a qualified person who stands in for another professional on a temporary basis. This could be a GP, dentist, solicitor or practice manager.

Why do I need locum insurance?

A locum can cost a business or practice in excess of £3,500 a week.

At some point you or your practice will need the support of a locum.

This could be due to you or a key member of staff being unable to work suddenly due to an accident or illness. Having a locum means that you can cover the workload of that person.

Having locum plan insurance means that the cost of employing a locum does not impact financially on you or your practice.

How much does locum insurance cost?

The cost of your locum insurance premium depends on:

  • the level of cover you chose
  • the level of deferment you chose (for example you have a 2 or 4 week deferment on getting insurance payments)
  • the number of people covered on the locum insurance
  • To find out more about the likely cost of cover call 0345 8500 205 to speak one of our locum insurance specialists.

Is locum insurance worth it?

Locums can cost in excess of £3,500 a week. You or your practice will be responsible for covering that cost.

If you have locum insurance, within 2 weeks of making a claim, the cost will be covered. We know this gives our clients reassurance. Subject to selecting a 2 excess/deferred period.

Our insurance can pay up to £3,000 a week depending on the level of cover you choose.

The NHS scheme currently only pays out £1,700 a week, which could leave a shortfall of £1,800 a week for you to cover. Applicable to GP’s only.