Quotations – Individual illustrations

opticianLocumPlan allows you to enter your details and receive a quote fast.

Because we realise how sensitive your personal data is to you, we ask for as little information as possible until you are ready to make an application. This is very different when compared to all our competition. You only have to provide basic information in order to get your quote.

The quote will give you the annual premiums for the locum insurance product that we offer.

You can request a quote for an individual or for a group (remember if you are applying for 3 or more individuals, then a generous group discount will be automatically applied to your quotation)

When running your quote through our online system you can change the excess (aka deferred) period. This is the time after a claim is made before the benefit is paid. The excess periods available are:

• 2 weeks
• 4 weeks
• 13 weeks
• 26 weeks

You can also change the sum assured (amount paid out per week when incapacitated). This figure can be anything up to £3000.

The maximum level of cover you can request a quote for online is £3000 per week. If you need a higher sum insured then please email us or give our friendly team a call.

Just because you are applying as a group does not mean that you have to have the same level of cover. Each individual can set their own excess period and sum assured according to their own individual needs.

Remember this is a policy where the maximum payout period is 52 weeks (after the excess period – meaning the policy actually pays out for 52 weeks maximum not 52 weeks less the excess period selected).

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