15th March 2017

NHS Changes for GPs and Locum Insurance

Further to a recent announcement from the BMA, from April 2017, NHS are introducing revised cover as part of contract changes for GPs. Sickness cover reimbursement will no longer be a discretionary payment, but a practice entitlement. The qualifying criteria based on list size, which often prevents a practice from being able to claim a payment to cover locum costs, has been removed.

The practice will be able to claim up to £1,734.18 per week, for cover being provided by locums or existing part-time salaried GPs where a GP is absent from the practice due to sickness.

After two weeks of absence, payments will be made for up to one year – in full for 26 weeks and then halved for 26 weeks.


eg. If you, a GP, require £3000pw benefit, then if you wish to take advantage of the GP NHS Reimbursement Scheme 2017, then the cover LocumPlan will provide will be £1266pw from wk 2 to wk 26, and then £2133pw from wk 26 to wk 52.

Things to consider before tearing up your locum insurance policy:

  • The cover is only there for GPs working for NHS and does not cover other key staff in a practice.
  • The cost of a locum could well outstrip the reimbursement that a practice would receive for an absence.
  • Our locum insurance also features a number of additional benefits in addition to accident and illness, including compassionate leave, maternity leave, paternity leave, jury service, suspension cover, revalidation and delayed return from holiday cover.

Please contact us if you have any further questions or concerns. We will be happy to tailor your needs to fit in with these new changes.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This announcement only affects NHS employees and General Practitioners.

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