Locum insurance

dentistLocumPlan is the online locum insurance quotation request service.

We offer Locum insurance cover for General Practitioners, Dentists, Opthamologists, Opticians, Vets, Nurse Practitioners and Practice Managers.

LocumPlan offers cover for individuals as well as practices and other groups of professionals, including professional managers. There are generous discounts for groups/practices.

You can apply for a locum insurance quote request online. There is no waiting around for a call back and you will be emailed a copy of the quotation you requested once our expert team has selected it to exactly suit your needs.


Our locum insurance rates are among the most competitive available. Your cover is specifically tailored to cater for the needs of GP’s, dentists, opticians, opthamologists, vets and other professional practices/surgeries.

Why might I need Locum insurance?

No one can predict the future and at some point the likelihood is that your practice is going to need the support of a locum. Perhaps a key partner or member of staff will be unable to work for an extended period of time. It may be due to a prolonged illness or an accident. They may be off due to compassionate leave, jury service or even maternity leave.

DoctorNevertheless, the costs can be a serious liability to your practice and business. To get a locum to cover for an absence from work for 10 weeks could cost as much as £3,000 per week. Without locum insurance that’s an unexpected outlay of £30,000 for the entire period.

Why take the risk? – Have the peace of mind of locum insurance for less than you think!

LocumPlan’s locum insurance is designed for practices like yours and situations like yours, with cover for added value and peace of mind.

It is all very well buying a locum insurance policy but you will also want to be assured that when you need your locum insurance policy it will meet your expectations and pay out.

Claims in payment – otherwise why take the insurance out. We are very proud of our claims experience at LocumPlan. Of course, we like it when there is a claim free period for our firm we are a profit making enterprise after all.

But, to be honest, we like it more when one of our policy’s is paying out. We wouldn’t wish any of the circumstances our policies pay out for on anyone but it is important to know that when it’s needed, it will pay. Otherwise, what’s the point of it?

We have quite extensive locum insurance claims experience. The design of our product reflects our experience of our market and the elements of locum insurance that you expect and require.

If you require examples of claims we have paid then please email us at info@locumplan.co.uk.
Locum insurance premium rates – set to increase?

From 2010, locum insurance rates tumbled, despite a wealth of new benefits being added. There is market pressure to increase rates and redefine benefits (which we expect to continue) but there’s no sign of a widespread rate rises yet.

Today we are proud to say that our rates are still those of 2010 levels.

Give Locumplan a try today. You will quickly find out why LocumPlan is a leader in locum insurance.