Claims – Mind the small print

doctor at deskSo, you and or your practice have paid for your locum insurance policy and you hope you don’t need to claim on it.

And we hope you don’t have to claim on it too. For your sake. Of course.

But what if you do? How soon do you think it would be, after breaking a bone, for instance, that you suddenly realise you have insurance to pay for a replacement to do your job?

Would that be the first time you checked the small print, do you think? Even if you have read the policy inside and out every year you’ve had it, I daresay there’ll be a Nano-second of nervousness. Are you covered? Aren’t you? Is it covered? Is it excluded?

You’ll still need to make a phone call though, won’t you? And when you get through to someone, you’ll have everything crossed while you wait for confirmation that your claim seems valid.

At LocumPlan, we’re fairly confident that we’ll deal with your claim in the same way as our competitors.

And like our competitors, we have no reason to think your claim won’t be paid out.

Indeed, just like you, we want the claim to be paid out. Yes, everyone’s happier if there isn’t a claim but when there is, we’re probably just as enthusiastic as you to ensure it pays out.

We, at LocumPlan, don’t handle your claim – that usually goes off to professional claims handlers, but we are just as keen to remain involved, to speed up the process for you and keep you involved.

It’s important to ensure that once you have called to make your claim, that you respond to all requests from the claims handlers urgently. No-one involved in handling the claim is trying to catch you out, but there are processes as I’m sure you encounter every day in your work. So we will make no excuses in chasing you to get your claim to the next stage!

You’ll need evidence to support your claim. While the claims handlers will pursue your GP and medical specialists direct, you might need to produce locum invoices and/or recent pay statements etc. Don’t delay – do it that day!

We’re quite proud of our claims record. It’s well over 95% and we aim to keep it that way. It’s an aspect of our product design and development that we’re keen to ensure is always a priority – the claims procedure and success rates.

In 2012, our locum insurance business took a claims hammering. We know we weren’t alone, which was a bit of a comfort but our underwriter wasn’t happy (despite years of relatively low claims!).

We were though. Every claim paid or about to be settled. Some of the claims were big – 2 were in excess of £40,000 and the largest was around £56,000. Not bad for premiums of maybe £2000 each (including tax!)!

Needless to say, we were delighted that all 2012 claims were paid, irrespective of a moaning underwriter (to be fair his colleagues were just as pleased on the payouts).

The knock-n effect of a bad year for claims might be a policy with a slimmed-down range of benefits and premium increases.

The policy still does what it says on the packet and none of the benefits LocumPlan offers have been withdrawn or restricted.

So we are quite proud of our claims record and so too are our underwriters – although for different reasons. We want to see all eligible claims paid out and in good time, while the underwriters want to make sure that they have priced the claims risk reasonably accurately.

If you have a question about our claims history or claims process then do email us.